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Aslyn, 25

I am so happy to have found this website. Now I can indulge in poetry to my heart’s content. My favorite author is Pablo Neruda. I am so in love with his romantic poems. Is there any other author that you would recommend when it comes to love poems?

Ryan, 30

Hi there Aslyn. Oh, I also like Pablo Neruda’s poems. You know, his poetry helped me a lot when I was just wooing my wife. She especially liked Love Sonnet XI and Everyday You Play. I had a lot of fun using his lines liberally when I send my then girlfriend (and now wife) gifts and flowers.

Aslyn, 25

Hi Ryan. Oh, that is just so sweet. I also like both of the poems that you mentioned. But well, I like all of his works anyway, haha. Is there any other love poet that you will recommend?

Ryan, 30

Oh, I like E.E. Cummings too. His poems are quite unique and lyrical. I actually love the sound that I make when I read his poems out loud. You should try reading them especially the one titled, “I Carry Your Heart With Me.”

Aslyn, 30

Thank you Ryan. I will take your advice and try E.E. Cummings as well.

Liza, 29

Hi guys, it’s so fun to find some poetry enthusiasts here. I like both Pablo Neruda and E.E. Cummings as well. Please try reading Lord Byron and Christina Rosetti too.