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Welcome to Poem Flow – your ultimate resource for all the best poetry from all over the world. Here we provide you an extensive database of all types of poetry — from haiku, to ballad, elegy, imagery and more. These poems talk about different themes and subjects. Our goal here is to promote love for poetry and show you different poems from different areas of the world.

The poems here are arranged per genre, per author, country, themes, topics and more. You can use our advanced search option in order to look for the type of poetry that you want. We want to inspire you with all the different poems that we have here and at the same time show you the importance of poetry.

All the poems that are featured here are even available on our app. So even if you are relaxing inside your garage door in Oklahoma City, you can still access the poetry that we have available and use them to enhance your relaxation.

Originally, we classified our poetry here according to Aristotle’s classification. So we had comedy, tragedy and epic poetry. But then we realized that all available poetry especially those that come from the east do not necessary fall into these categories. So we simply used the main poetic forms to serve as the general classification.

We classify our poetry according to the following:

Narrative Poetry

This type of poetry is concerned with telling a story. Examples of these include Shakespeare’s The Rape of Lucrece and Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales. The narrative type of poetry is further subdivided into different types. You have the ballad which is usually about something very interesting. The ballad is oftentimes sung, sometimes with a dancing accompaniment. Meanwhile, there is also an epic, usually talking about heroic pursuits and appreciating a specific hero. A lot of Greek poetry are oftentimes classified as epics.

Dramatic Poetry

This type of poetry is used in order to also tell a story but the focus is really on the dramatic aspect of it and the way of reciting the poem. This is the type of poetry oftentimes used by Shakespeare and Marlowe. It has sub-divisions such as rhyming verses, monologues and so on. The dramatic poetry is very important as it is oftentimes used for entertainment.

Lyric Poetry

This is another important classification of poetry as it is connected with the emotions and is oftentimes used to speak of romance, happiness, anger or sadness. Lyric poetry was also practiced by Shakespeare, Waller and so on. Its types include the sonnet, elegy and the ode.

In order to explore the different types of poetry that we have, we urge you to use our database. Find the poetry you want by category or use the search button. You may choose to search for poems by their titles, by themes, by category, author etc. Our database includes more than 100,000 poems. If you cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to send us a message by clicking the Contact Us tab.